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On 1/18/14 we realized, Penelope, had somehow gone blind. After many procedures and tests, Penelope was diagnosed with high risk stage IV Neuroblastoma on January 22nd, 2013.

Her originating tumor is in her abdomen by her spine. The cancer has spread through her bone marrow to numerous spots on her bones (doctors didn’t even count these). There are two bigger tumors on her skull, one of which has caused Penelope to go blind. The doctors are also convinced that Penelope has been in pain for quite some time.

She will have to endure numerous rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, bone marrow transplant and antibody treatment. This is looking to be at least a year to a year and a half journey. Please join us as mom, dad, grandpa & teacher, keep you updated on this page!

If you would like to help please donate for Penelope ! Re-blog you never know how small actions will help

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so i got in the shower right and like halfway through the shower i noticed there was a spider in the corner and the first thing out of my mouth was “first of all how dare you”.

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New York City Breakers - 1984

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This dude really made his own vine as well

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This is now my favorite post on this ENITRE site

Bae knew what she was doing…

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